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Frequently Asked Questions


What is FTR and what do you offer?

Begin with our Rulebook and New Member Guide located in the Member Info tab above.

How to Join?

  1. Download a membership form from this site or the magazine and mail it into the Business Office with a check. Faxing your form will not speed the process — we will wait for your check.
  2. Join at an event. Credit cards accepted at events.
  3. Go to the Online Membership Form and sign up on our web site. Credit cards accepted online.

Where and when are these events?

We have a Schedule of events listed here.
Click on an individual Flyer for location and times.

What is the cost?

Adult memberships are $50 (13 & up), $25 (12 & under). The season begins in August and ends June 30th. Some events require AMA membership, in addition to FTR membership. Transponders are required for Hare Scrambles scoring. These must be purchased at the event for $5 and will last for many years.

What do I do with the transponder?

Requirements for placing the transponder on your helmet or cycle are here.

How do I know which Class to Ride?

Classes are listed in the Rule Book here. Your class is determined by your age and type of bike or quad.

I don’t see a class for me?

FTR is a competition series and has a limited amount classes that can be offered to accommodate the most riders. Occasionally a rider will not find a class to fit his age and bike.

How do I get a number?

Your number is assigned after you become a member. Please DO NOT inquire about number availability before you are a confirmed member. Join or renew your membership, indicate the class you want to ride in and several number choices you would like. Give us at least 5 business days to process your form. You can then e-mail or call and see what number was assigned. If none of your choices are available, we will contact you. E-mail is much more convenient, so give us your e-mail address!

What to wear?

A full facial or coverage helmet is required. Eye Protection, protective pants, long sleeved shirts, and footwear (a minimum of eight inches high and constructed for leg and foot protection) is recommended.

Do I need to join AMA?

You must be an active member of AMA for all races.  You can go online to join at American Motorcyclist Association or you can join at a race.  Cost is $49.00 for adults and $29.00 for youth.  You must bring proof of membership to each race.  **One day memberships may be purchased at a race.

I have more questions.

A Who to Contact link is located on the home page. All Officials, Representatives and Club contacts are listed. If you don’t know who to call, call the Business Office.


Help, my score is wrong.

There is a 30 minute protest period after the scores are posted, when you can question your scores. This is part of racing, and you are responsible for checking your scores for any problems at this time, not a day, week or month afterwards. Clubs shall be required to post scores with times, for all riders competing, during the 30 minute protest period. Race results are official at the conclusion of the final protest period on the race day.

I signed up for the Hare Scrambles, but during practice, the display says, “Not signed up.”

All this means is that the database was taken to the scoring chicane before you signed up. If it happens during a race, the signup forms will be checked, to make sure you did sign up. If you did, you will be scored.

How do I calculate my year end scores?

Year-end class and overall positions will be based on 70% of the sanctioned events. Rounding will be done to the nearest whole number with .50 being rounded up. To qualify for year-end awards in the FTR Series, a rider must enter at least 50% of the sanctioned events. Computing points for year in scores is based on applying the above rules in the following manner: 70% of the sanctioned races are considered (e.g. 12 sanctioned races X 70% equal 8.4, round to 8 races). The rider's best scores of the considered number (in this example 8) are computed.

What do I have to do to get a trophy at the banquet?

The number of trophies per class will be determined by the following:

Beginner classes do not receive year-end awards.

Eligibility for all other classes will be determined by:

A. A rider must score points in at least 50% of the sanctioned events, including a worked run, where applicable. If no one in the class scores in at least 50% of the sanctioned events, no one in the class gets an award. Riders who score in less than 50% of the sanctioned events will always be awarded lower final standings than those riders who participate in the required number of events, regardless of points earned.

B. All eligible riders will receive year-end awards, with the following limitations. No more than 5 awards per class for B and C Division riders, including Senior class riders and any other classes not specifically listed in this rule.

  • No more than 3 awards for AA and A Division riders, including Senior class riders.
  • All Peewee riders will receive year-end awards. Those finishing lower than 10th place will receive a participation award

C. The top three Teams receive awards.

How do I get credit for working an event?

Work credits were created many years ago to stimulate racers to help with the logistical functions of an event. Since every event is promoted by a club, volunteers are needed to perform functions for which the club may not have enough manpower.

Any FTR member who works (can not ride the event).

A rider who wishes to work an event to obtain points must:

  1. Complete an entry form (same as for race) except write “Work Event” across the entry.
  2. Submit entry form prior to practice. (fee is not required)
  3. Have entry form validated by trail boss.

The work days will consist of either the days of the event, work days prior to the event, or any combination thereof. Worked run credits will be final at the end of workday and are nontransferable from the class listed on the entry.

Clubs may require that you contact them PRIOR TO their event to work. Clubs may also decline your offer to work, especially near the end of the season, when they can be overwhelmed by requests. Contact information for each event is usually located on the event flyer located in the FTR monthly magazine or on the website under "schedule" in the specific PDF flyer. If you can't find a contact then look under the "contacts" section of the website (or magazine) for club information or call the FTR Business office. The best way to ensure you receive a work credit, and to have the most fun by laying out trail and pre-riding the course, is to join a club and work your own event.