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What is FTR?

The Florida Trail Riders is a registered, non-profit Florida corporation over 42 years old with 2500 plus members throughout the state.


The purpose of FTR is to promote the image of "Responsible Motorcyclists"; to sanction, schedule, assist and monitor off road motorcycle events in Florida; to establish policies, rules and procedures to be followed by promoters, with the end result being a series of organized events; to sponsor and support positive motorcycle legislation; and to establish and maintain good rapport with private land owners, local, state and federal land management agencies.


The FTR and its membership is made up of amateur motorcycle enthusiasts from all walks of life from all across the state of Florida who have the exciting sport of off road motorcycling as a common interest. There are family people (husbands, wives, children); professional people (doctors, lawyers, teachers) technicians and laborers. Off-road motorcycling holds no social, age, or ethnic bounds. With a strong common interest there is no young or old, black or white, rich or poor... just people who love their sport.

We hope that through the FTR, Florida can have safer, better organized, and more enjoyable events for all Enduro, Hare Scramble, and Motocross enthusiasts.