Advice for Older Female Rider?

Dr! Still Bill

Club Representative
Area Director
(Wow! A "real" letter!)

Dear Flabby:
I'm an older female who is new to dirt bikes. I've been riding offroad now for several months and picked up my first real dirt bike this week after starting on a heavy dual sport which was a nightmare to ride.
A friend introduced me to dirt bikes earlier this year and though I was (still am) terrible, I loved the activity. My challenge is that my friend's schedule and mine differ greatly, he works weekends and I work a regular M-F schedule. So I go to croom most weekends but end up riding alone.

That's ok sometimes but I feel like it would be safer to ride with others as well as a good chance to learn from experienced riders. Do you have any suggestions on how to find or meet people or a group to ride with?

It can be intimidating because everyone I see at the park seems either fast or young or both. That makes you feel like you have no business even being there especially being an older woman out there on your own. Although I do love riding offroad and am serious about becoming a solid rider watching lots of videos on riding tips on youtube and reading what I can online.

Thank you!


Dear Elle;
Hello. Sounds like a serious and legit question. I set-up the Dear Flabby section as a joke for fun. I can put your letter there if you like, but it would be more appropriate for another area, like General. Are you an FTR member? If so, you can post there - let me know if you need a login ID. You letter would be well-received. If not a member yet, you need to join - sounds like you will fit right in.

My good friend "Still Bill" is old, fat, and slow, and races in Master-C - on same line as Women-B on Sunday morning. He is same speed as the slower 1/3 of those women, and says he has fun racing with them. I'm sure he, and many others, all ages, would be happy to ride at Croom with you. Many of us have made several close friends by going to Croom alone and just introducing ourself. Don't ride alone though.

Have you been to any FTR events? Try hare scramble Beginner class. We are one big family, and you will get lots of support.

Also, FTR is made of 15 local clubs. If you go to Croom, then there are several clubs in your area. Where do you live, exactly?

Donny Richardson

Rider Safety Coordinator
FTR Official
Elle. It can difficult to know where to start. FTR is an awesome organization that I have been part of for 20 years. It is super family friendly and truly grass roots racing. We offer a racing class for every ability. As Flabby mentioned we have not only a beginner class but several women classes also. I think that one of the awesome features FTR offers is that you can be as competitive as you want to be. So if riding with a ton of your new FTR friends sounds like fun ....come on. As for Croom, there are many many of us FTR peeps who frequent the place. On most (non race weekends) Sundays you can find many FTR members at Croom. Most park at the 1st parking area after the main pit parking. Look for all the trucks/trailers with the FTR stickers. There will be riders of all ages and skill levels. Introduce yourself and tag along. There are also several of us who do instructional help with riders who are just starting (all ages). Many of our racers start out as weekend warriors ......once we get them involved with FTR and get some confidence under their bet ......its not long and they have a race bike, trailer and become part of the FTR family. Also one last note, I do not advise riding alone .......too many things can go wrong .......especially if you are riding during the week when the park is a lot less busy. I personally had a friend who was with 2 other buddies, he fell behind, then crashed.......his buddies couldn't find him and he spent hours on the ground until he was finally found by EMS and park rangers. Fortunately his injuries were not permanent, however it could have been. Feel free to holler if you have any questions. Braaap.