Anybody know someone at Beach Blvd Motorsports

Ryan Steffey

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Just checking if someone knows someone with BBMS? I see they advertise in the mag. They have a bike I was trying to get for my son, and when I called they said it was going to be about $2000 in fees for a $3000 bike. Maybe someone has a contact there that can give me a fair deal?

Kyle McAfee

Area Director
Area Director
Powersports dealers have sold insane amounts of vehicles in the past few months. That combined with the manufacturer shutdowns has created a sellers market for the powersports industry. Inventory is almost non-existent. Dealers are taking advantage of this by adding huge dealer fees on top of MSRP prices. I called for a YZ125 a couple months ago and they wanted nearly $10K out the door on a leftover 2019. It took me a few minutes to get the phone hung up because I was laughing so hard. I called Palmetto Motorsports and purchased a 2020 KTM 150SX for $3K less.