I think I found the MAGIC can

Troy Weeks

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Many of you probably have found what works for you I'm just writing of my experience.
Most all of us who race try and keep our bikes clean and looking GREAT. Through the years I have tried several products including Simple Green, Formula 88, something I think called Muck off and OL Red. They all seem to work the same spray on let sit a few minutes and hose off with essentially the same results. After the wash I have used WD40, silicone spray, and the OL Red after wash spray.
Years ago I thought I was doing a pretty good job washing my 2001 KX250. That was until in October of 2013 I bought my brand new 2014 KX450. Sitting next to the new bike my KX250 looked like a RAT bike. I should have been embarrassed to race it. I couldn't feel that way as it always performed well and gave me some GREAT seeasons of racing. Came close a couple times to winning a Championship on it placing 2nd overall.
I was very proud of the new bike, my friends still wanted to talk about their D_MN KTMs even though my KX450 was BRAND NEW.
OOPS different story for another day.
Anyway I really wanted to keep the new 450 looking GREAT as well as making it an easier job of washing. I was getting disappointed trying to keep the 2014 clean. I tried every trick I could get my hands on.
Now with the 2019 I too was hitting a wall and even bought a pressure washer to use on it. I have never really thought the pressure was a good idea but I was at my wits end.
And now for the MAGIC. As suggested by a GOOD Friend I continued using the Formula 88. I tried a couple different Silicone sprays and soon discovered they contained Acetone. Acetone as I understand isn't suggested for plastics. I started looking for some product that was 100% Silicone. I was in the Ace True Value store one day and noticed CRC Brand Food Grade Silicone. I thought if it is safe for consumption it should be safe to use for after wash on my bikes.
Spraying it on everything really brings out the deep color of the hoses, black painted surfaces and the rims. Even days later the colors are bright with a slight oily film on the surface that makes water bead off like you waxed it. I even sprayed it on my 2019 Z900RS with the same results.
I went to Polk County's Bone Valley earlier today to ride for the first time after using the Food Grade Silicone. The place was wet, mucky and those of you familiar with the Bartow properties are well aware of the GREY colored, clay like muck. It dries hard as concrete and sticks like it etched itself to the bike. I used a garden hose with a nozzle on it and after dissolving the clay with water the stuff washed right off the plastic and everywhere I sprayed it last wash. It did leave a little bit of a milky like substance that washed easily with the Formula 88.
This will be my washing procedure from now on. Now it is a bit expensive at almost $10.00 a can but in my opinion well worth it.