Pee-Wee Rule Change - New PW-Beginner Class - Effective Immediately!

Dr! Still Bill

Club Representative
Area Director
New PW-Beginner Class for Pee-Wee. Passed by HSC and EC. Effective immediately (HS4). See link:

Summary Below.

Any chance we can split the pee wee beginner and pee wee c riders into separate races moving forward? The skill gap was pretty large at Bartow. I think the fast kids would have more fun with less traffic, and the newbies would feel less intimidated if the races were split up.

Peter Rose

FTR Vice President
FTR Official
Club Representative
there are a couple proposals in the works, they have to go through the HS committee so it will be after OSDR before any race times can be changed.
The Referee can make some changes and this will happen immediately starting at Hog Waller.