Dade City Race Report

It sure was nice to get back to a weekend full of racing last week after a long time off. Besides the Sunday only Samsula race we hadn’t had a race weekend since Brockville the first weekend in January! That is too long if you ask me.

I showed up to the property early Saturday morning and as I was heading out to practice it was looking like we were going to have another wet weekend. Of course about a mile in on my practice lap the rain started coming down, seems to be the theme this season, and it didn’t seem like it was going to stop anytime soon. As I sat in my trailer watching the pits take on more and more water I was almost certain it was going to be a cancellation. After about another hour or so the rain began to lighten up some and the club decided to push back the races another hour.

The 12:15, now 1:15, Mini race took off in the rain and the little guys battered the elements and pushed hard to get in solid finishes. The sun finally came out right before the 2pm (3pm) Junior/Vintage lines started to go off. After a sloppy first lap the track began to take shape and dry up quite nicely, it was still super slick but it looked to be drying up for a good Sunday track.

Which it was! The track was nice and tacky with no dust on Sunday and possibly the best track conditions this year. The quads on Saturday built up some nice berms and ruts in the woods and helped the track flow even better than it already would have. The track was very fast and helped create some great battles and some somewhat unexpected results. In my mind this track was a perfect 450 track and whoever owned one had a clear advantage. But like always, I was proven wrong as Jesse Ansley grabbed the overall Sunday PM win on his 125! There were only two AA riders this race so there was talk around the pits of maybe an amateur rider grabbing an overall high point and what do you know it happened. Great ride Jesse!

Lets take a look at some results worth mentioning

  • Jimmy Moore grabbed yet another Peewee A win but not with out some pressure from Logan Crawford. These kids have been on fire lately!
  • Colten Shives fought off a hard charging Ashton Shannon for the Peewee B win.
  • Mike McNair grabbed himself a solid Peewee C win in front of Aubrie Baker and Landon Dion.
  • Cole Tucker and Hunter Cameron would take the Quad Super PW A and B wins.
  • Clayton Correnti and Avery Collins battled for the Quad PW A win with Correnti just narrowly taking the win.
  • Raquel Rose Tucker snagged herself the Quad PW B win!


  • Logan Lanier and Gage Hunter battled from the beginning all the way to the last corner in the Mini A class. Logan grabbed his second win of the season after the heated battle, his only previous win was in the mud at Samsula so this kid must have some serious mud skills! Jacob Berard finished third overall and rounded out the Mini A podium.
  • Gage Pepin and Blake Yahraus finished up first and second in the Mini B class in another close battle. Yahraus made up two minutes on the final lap only to finish five seconds behind.
  • Cole Pierce finished up 11th overall and first in Mini C. He was followed by Zoee Grzech and Allison Lamb who finished up first and second in Mini Girls.
  • Josh Van Rooyen, Owen Seitz and Gunner Williams  finished first in 65 A, 65 B, and 65 C.
  • I have to give Trace Kopka props after a last place start only to finish second in 65 C. Trace is a good kid and an even better rider so look out for him in the next few years as he works his way up the mini bike ranks.


  • Max Coughlin suited up for one of his home races and took the overall in the Sportsman 2 class. he was followed closely by Pre-Modern rider Ryan Mieszcsenski and Junior A rider Kyle Boyle.
  • Justin Dinkel grabbed his first Junior B win of the season after a hard multi-rider battle with Matt Batchie and Troy Gardner.
  • Erick Miller fought off Ethan Turner for his first Junior C win of the season.


  • Gus Rickman was the fastest quad racer on the day followed closely by Cody Ellison in the AA class.
  • Maybe the most impressive ride of the weekend has to go to up-and-coming Brandon Frazier who finished third overall on the day from the Quad Junior line! Awesome job Brandon!
  • FTR Hare Scramble Referee Dan Aitken put in an awesome ride to take the Quad Vet win!


  • Vet A rider Jason Ennis took home the Sunday AM overall win and was followed by Sr A rider Greg Melka and Master A rider George Edwards.
  • The top B rider in the Sunday AM race was Vet B Joshua Titsworth (17th OA) by just one second over fellow Vet B rider Aaron Lockwood (18th OA).
  • The top C rider in the Sunday AM race was Vet C rider Anthony Livingston (52nd OA).
  • Top woman rider on the day was Lacey Nordle who finished all the way up in 29th overall.


  • Jesse Ansley high pointed the Sunday PM race from the A 200 line! Jesse will have to move up to the AA class next year. AA riders Dylan Rash and Joey Baker finished up second and third overall.
  • Shawn Clark finished up fourth overall from the 30+ line with A Open rider Ryan Miesczcenski finishing fifth overall.
  • Top B rider was B 250’s Brandon Cunningham (11th OA) with B 200 rider Jordon Leftwitch (13th OA) close behind.
  • Top C rider was C 250’s Matt Seidel (27th OA) with Danial Dunson (28th OA) and Brandon Ausburn (29th OA) followed close behind.


That is all I have for this week! Feel free to email me any questions you may have!

Thanks for reading!

Kurt Lucas


Catching Up with Alex Lugar

I’ve been friends with Alex for about three years now. I first saw him ride when he was getting started in the Mini B ranks. I could tell this kid had some talent has he went from Mini C to Mini A in just two short years. Alex recently moved to the Junior A ranks this season and has put together a string of two wins with some very impressive riding. I caught up with Alex after the Brockville HS to see how his season has been going and his goals for the rest of the year.

KL: Hey Alex, so how did this past race go for you?

AL: Well I came into the race pretty calm, the time off was nice seeing as I don’t really sleep any time past 6 anymore but I got a good start and let Jake take the holeshot and followed him until he missed a hard and easy and later crashed out. I took the lead and I tried to walk away from the pack but Kyle Boyle wasn’t about to let that happen, we went back and forth a few times and he eventually pulled me. Then I was passed by a sportsman rider, I followed him until I caught Kyle. Ended up losing some ground and Kyle got a decent lead, come around the last couple laps I was still trying to catch up, but would have been okay with second place coming off the break. Ended up seeing Kyle getting up in the last woods section after he crashed. Not knowing he pulled off I was a bit confused for the rest of the race but I just rode smart and smooth and ended up taking home my second win in a row  so I’m pretty happy about that and I’m glad Kyle is okay though also I heard Jake is recovering. Ready for the next race though it should be another good one.

KL: How confident are you now that you have some wins?

AL: Yeah I mean now that I have some wins I feel like a little déjà vu to Mini B season, started out slow and is getting better, I think it is gonna be another good battle for the championship, I can’t really count anyone out but I definitely feel confident that I can battle for some more wins down the road and even the championship. I think Punta Gorda was a turning point and I’m starting to feel a lot better about how the rest of the season will go.

KL: Who would you like to thank for getting you to this point?

AL: My parents especially for helping me get to the races and for all the support since day one, Kyle from Moto 4 Play for all he does for me, Jason from Central Florida Powersports, Dunlop, Fly, Jason Raines, Mika Metals, Donald from DSMX Schools another friend who has always been there, Magic Bullet, Ronnie from HBD Moto Grafx for always hooking us up with nice graphics, 100%, FMF, Leatt, and all my other friends and family who have always been there for me.

Yamaha Demos a Huge Success!

The Yamaha demos made yet another stop to the FTR Harescramble scene this year at the OSDR Harescramble in Punta Gorda. Yamaha teamed up with off-road legend Jason Raines to put on this spectacular event. Riders were able to test the full line of Yamaha motocross bikes from the TTR 50 to the all-new YZ450FX. I was able to catch up with some of the “testers” to see how they thought the event went. Junior A rider Alex Lugar couldn’t express how friendly and helpful Jason and his crew were “They are always so nice and so helpful whether you are looking to get a bike or just want to try new things,” Alex said. I also asked four people how they liked the demos and told them to rate 1-10. I was very pleased to hear three people say 10 and the other a 9. These demos aren’t only benefiting the riders as Yamaha is very much benefiting from these events. One tester, Jason Croley, bought an all new YZ450FX just three days after the event and another tester, Rob Michaels, is considering a Yamaha for his next bike.


After it was all said and done these events are proven to be great for the brand as well as the riders. The demos provide great exposure for Yamaha and provide riders a fun thing to do at the races when they’re not racing.


FTR: Our Purpose

Florida Trail Riders has been a nonprofit organization for over 42 years and has 2500 total members throughput the state. The mission of the Florida Trail Riders organization is to promote the image of “Responsible Motorcyclists”; to sanction, schedule, assist and monitor off road motorcycle events in Florida; to establish policies, rules and procedures to be followed by promoters, with the end result being a series of organized events; to sponsor and support positive motorcycle legislation; and to establish and maintain good rapport with private land owners, local, state and federal land management agencies.

Florida Trail Riders has three different categories racing; motocross, enduro, and hare scrambles. Motocross is is held on a closed course with jumps, turns, and other obstacles to challenge racers. Enduros are held on longer courses, usually 60 to 100 miles long, where riders race against the clock as well as racers in there respective divisions. Lastly, hare scrambles are held on shorter courses, usually 10 to 14 miles long, through wooded terrain where racers complete multiple laps in a two hour period racing head-to-head against other racers in their division.

Florida Trail Riders has two separate funds they have created in order to better the sport of off-road motorcycle riding. The first fund is the “Scholarship Fund” which is used to donate to current and future college students in order to help them pay for a college education. This fund is very important because the youth is the future of the organization and with more members having a stellar education it will help the organization flourish and grow. The second fund is the “Land Use Fund” which is used to support lobbyist in order to protect riding areas as well as legislation in order to protect our rights as off-road motorcycle enthusiasts. This is very important because it gives members multiple legal riding areas which will allow off-road motorcyclists to ride their motorcyclists in a legal and safe environment which will only allow the sport to grow.

Members of the Florida Trail Riders are a very diverse group of people. Members include entire families, working professionals, and young riders. The ages of our members vary from as young as 3-years-old to as old as 90. Florida Trail Riders has no race or ethnic countries and except members of all size, shapes, and colors. As diverse as the thousands of members are they all have a common interest and that is off-road motorcycle riding.

Want to donate to our wonderful funds? We have set up a PayPal link enabling you to do so.

Thank you

H/S #5 Astronaut Trail Preview

Location: Samsula, FL

Club: Apollo M/C

Samsula is located just over 15 miles Southwest of Daytona Beach in the East-Central region of the state. Like most trails in Florida Samsula features some sand but also has a mix of black dirt. Historically the Saturday bike trail is between five and six miles and features some open sections as well as some tighter sections to challenge the younger riders but still allow them to have fun. This years trail is five and a half miles and has there split sections for bikes and quads to allow for better racing for both machines, the quads will have an additional half mile as well. As for Sunday the trail will be 10 miles and in the past has been slower and tighter in some areas with a few flowing field sections to mix it up a little bit.  Lastly the peewee track will be three quarters of a mile long and feature some fields, split lines, and some technical areas to challenge the little riders.

The parking for Samsula is very spacious and the trail runs all around it. Spectating is great at this property as the trail runs right next to the fence line separating the parking area. The Red Neck Cafe will be serving Friday night and all day Saturday and Sunday.

The course is dry and the projected rain should make it great for the weekend. Come on out and have a great time at the Astronaut Trail H/S presented by Apollo M/C!