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New OHV Florida Registration Decal


The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHS&MV) began issuing non-renewable decals with the OHV titles. It is a permanent decal (does not have to be renewed every year) and is good for the machine as long as you own it. It looks similar to the decal you get when you renew your car tags. It is much more convenient than carrying a copy of your title or your title application form with you when you ride. Anyone who got a title prior to the implementation of the decal can obtain a decal for their previously-issued title by contacting the DHS&MV or local tag office.

For more information go to the DHS&MV Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) website.

There you will find an Off-Highway Vehicles link that will take you to a page with specific information about OHV title requirements. It also has an OHV Guide link that recaps rules and shows where to place the decals on an OHV.