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Feb 14, 2019

Record of Executive Committee Decision

Record of Executive Committee decision on 2/12/2019 regarding P/A system.

Location: Email (7:00pm)

Members present: Randy Faul (President) Kelsey Saltar(Secretary) , Randy Rash (HS Chair),  Carol Preston (MX Chair) James Hill (Vice President) George Tolsen (Enduro Chair) Allen Pearce (Treasurer)

Visitors participating: None

Old Business: none

New Business:

Our P/A system stopped working at the Bartow race, we used a bullhorn at the last event.
Tiffany St. John researched some portable units and she has found two. Going with the lower of the two will be $1037.It is a 500 watts with two mics, one blue tooth and one with 50ft of cable. We can have it in time for this weekend.
Motion we purchase this unit by Randy Faul.

2nd by Carol Preston 

Unanimously approved.

Minutes submitted by Kelsey Saltar, FTR Secretary