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Jul 30, 2021

General Membership Meeting Minutes - 7/24/2021

General Membership Meeting Minutes on July 24, 2021 at the DoubleTree Orlando.

Called to Order: by President, Randy Faul 12:15 pm

Establish a Quorum:  members present – quorum reached

President’s Report: Randy thanks everyone for coming and being a part of the season and banquet. We need content for the magazine so please feel free to contact Kurt.

Vice President’s Report: Nothing new to report

Treasurer’s Report: Nothing new to report

Secretary’s Report: Nothing new to report 

Enduro Chairman’s Report: Nothing new to report 

Hare Scrambles Chairman’s Report: Nothing new to report

BOD appointed Chairperson: Kyle was in charge of the scholarship fund this year and we were able to have 6 scholarships this year roughly $3,000 each. Thank you to all the clubs that donated.

Old Business: 1. Approval of General Membership meeting minutes for August 3, 2019. Motion to approve by Randy, 2nd by Kayla approved unanimously

New Business: Vote on Elimination Spark arrestors and Tech inspection. Section I #8 and #9 to be eliminated from the rule book.

Discussion of starting stayc and stryder races for 2-4 year olds after the quad races on Saturday. See each club for approval

Adjourned: 12:40 Motion Kayla 2nd Kelsey