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Jul 30, 2021

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes - 7/24/2021

Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting on
7/24/2021 at the DoubleTree Orlando.


Double Tree Orlando 

Call to Order:  8:06am

Roll Call:

FTR President Randy Faul
FTR Vice President Pete Rose
FTR Secretary Kelsey Saltar
FTR Treasurer Kayla Vawter
Enduro Chairman George Tolsen
Hare Scrambles Chairman Randy Rash
Appointed Chairman Kyle McAfee 

Old Business:

1. Approve meeting minutes from 2-29-20

New Business: 

1. Discussion on eliminating tech inspection and spark arrestors.

We will not need tech inspection to check transponders as we will be requiring every rider to bring their helmets to sign up to check transponders. We will not need tech inspection to check spark arrestors if we eliminate them. It will be the rider’s responsibility to ensure they have the proper numbers and backgrounds associated to their transponders. If the rider is not scored correctly due to numbers/ backgrounds or transponders they need to see the scoring trailer.

We will still create a funnel into practice to check for arm bands and tethers for quads

There was a suggestion to delay bike practice 30 minutes to allow enough time for the quad course to be swept and any trail changes to be made.

2. Discussion on salary increase for Tim Nordle. We will amend Tims contract to $2,400 per race (an increase of $100) and a check shall be sent to him on the first of the month.

5. Discuss increase of our head tax by another two dollars per head to compensate Tim to handle tech which will be seen further in BOD minutes

6. Discussion of having a lawyer on retainer to handle official documents and contracts

7. Discussion on eliminating partial points for not finishing the entire race to be brought up at HS meeting

Adjourned: 9:44am Motion; Kelsey 2nd Kayla