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Jul 30, 2021

BOD Meeting Minutes - 7/24/2021

Minutes of the Board of Directors meeting on 7/24/2021
at the DoubleTree Orlando.


Double Tree Orlando

Call to Order:

10am by Randy Faul

Roll Call:

FTR President Randy Faul
FTR Vice President Pete Rose
FTR Secretary Kelsey Saltar
FTR Treasurer Kayla Vawter
Enduro Chairman George Tolsen
Hare Scrambles Chairman Randy Rash
Additional EC official Kyle McAfee
Director Area #1 Brandon St. John
Director Area #2 James Benton
Director Area #3 William Toreki
Director Area #4 Joe Carrasquillo not present
Director Area #5 Rob Swann
Director Area #6 Jerry Curtis
Director Area #7 Jason Ennis not present
Director Area #8 Micaiah Amick not present
Director Area #9 Ron Thomas
Director Area #10 Kenneth Harris not present
Director Area #11 Rick Miller not present
Director Area #12 Kyle McAfee
Director Area #13 Billy Cone not present


Donny Richardson, Bill Drymon, Darlene Riggs, James Bartlett, Theresa Faul, Tim Nordle, Jamey Perdue, Dan Aitken, Glen, George Pollard.

President’s Report:

We are continuing to grow as an organization. Thank you to everyone for their hard work this season and for the banquet. We are in a two-year contract at this location for the banquet and will be actively looking for other options for the future. As the organization grows, please keep in mind we are always in need of volunteers.

Vice President’s Report:

Discussion of scoring changes with the new moto tally system and the changes with tech inspection. We need to get all the clubs more involved with the changes.

Treasurer’s Report:

Bank balance $198,000 net income $64,000. Looking into the PayPal account with the banquet tickets sold.

Secretary’s Report:

Nothing to report.

Enduro Chairman’s Report:

6 races last year 8 on the books for this year 1st race is little brown jug in South Carolina.

Hare Scrambles Chairman’s Report:

We will really need each club to step up and help out more to accommodate the growth.

Old Business:

1.    Approve meeting minutes from 4/3/21 Motion Kelsey Saltar, 2nd Pete Rose unanimously approved

2.    2nd vote on Purpose:

To clarify definition of how many races count towards final championship point totals.

Language currently refers to “sanctioned events”.

Suggested change to refer to total events held during the season. Also – add language to Section 10 (same language currently in section 2).

70% of the sanctioned completed races are considered (e.g. 12 sanctioned completed races X 70% = 8.4, round to 8 races). The rider’s best scores of the considered number (in this example 8) are computed.

Motion by William Toreki, 2nd by Kelsey Saltar unanimously approved.

New Business:

1.    George Tolsen has a proposal for BOD to approve paying enduro score keeper $1 per FTR rider on estimate $800 per year. Current head tax was at $5 for out of state enduros and $7 for instate enduros, which will now be increased to $6 out of state and $8 in state. Motion to approve George Tolsen, 2nd Randy Faul.  Unanimously approved.

2.    Randy Faul has proposed an increase in head tax by one dollar per rider to create a scholarship fund. Also to increase from $4 to $5 per rider to update, maintain, repair, and to staff the electronic scoring and sign-up equipment and the radio communication system. Motion Randy Faul, 2nd Pete Rose. Unanimously approved.

3.    Donny has presented a proposal to purchase waterproof radios and mics (ip67 radios with earbuds $100 each with 15 sec cut off) $5,000 purchase cap. Motion Donnie, 2nd Randy.

4.    Tim Nordle gave an update on the new moto tally scoring, registration, and transponder system.

5.    Update from Dan on the 35 ft cable operated antenna for sign up trailer. Cap at $6,000 purchase price. Motion by Randy Faul, 2nd Kelsey Saltar. Unanimously approved.

6.    As discussed in the EC meeting, we have decided to eliminate tech inspection and spark arrestors.

Rule Book change as follows:

(Sections L-8 and L-9 to be modified):

Chapter III 

General Rules


L. Competition Apparel and Equipment


8.  (Deleted): Spark arrestors are mandatory on all ICE competition vehicles in the Hare Scrambles and Enduro series. Vehicles competing in the Peewee classes shall be exempt from this requirement. The spark arrestor must be approved by the USFS. A rod test may be performed to verify the presence of the spark arrestor.  (Add):  USFS-approved Spark Arrestors may be required on competition vehicles for specific events by individual Clubs, Promoters, Land-Owners, or Government Agencies, and public notice of any such requirement shall be posted on the official FTR website at least 30 days prior to the event.  For example, Enduros on public land require a Spark Arrestor.  Race vehicles will be inspected for compliance prior to the start of such events.

9.  (Deleted):   All race vehicles must pass Official FTR inspection for rule compliance [Tech Inspection] prior to participating in any FTRevent including practice. Any rider racing a vehicle that has not passed Tech inspection for the event will be subject to disqualification [DQ].

10. Utility Quad – Any quad manufactured with racks and four-wheel drive is required to compete in the Utility Quad class.

Motion to approve by: Pete Rose, 2nd Randy Faul. Unanimously approved.


Motion by Kayla Vawter at 12:00 pm, 2nd by Kelsey Saltar. Unanimously approved.