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Dec 18, 2023

Message From FTR Executive Committee

About Prohibiting Participation

In recent weeks, the Executive Committee of FTR has had extensive discussions regarding prohibiting registered sex offenders. FTR feels that the safety and well-being of all our members is paramount, and also respects the privacy and civil rights of all our members. FTR does not discriminate, and participation is open to anyone who abides by FTR rules and the laws of The State of Florida. After consultations with attorneys, and review of the FTR rulebook and insurance policies, we have decided that no action is warranted at this time. Anyone witnessing illegal, dangerous, or threatening behavior should report it immediately to an FTR official. FTR welcomes suggestions for rule and policy changes. These proposals should be presented in writing to the appropriate committee, as described in the rulebook.

FTR Executive Committee, December 18, 2023