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Feb 5, 2016

Executive Committee Record of Decision - February 4, 2016

Apollo HS schedule changed again.

Rain continues to play havoc with the 2015-2016 season. Four hare scrambles dates (River City, SADRA, SEFTR, PBTTR) have been postponed and Apollo Motorcycle Club had to postpone the Sunday portion of their event. FTR is faced with the challenge of finding appropriate replacement dates for all of these events, minimizing back-to-back hare scrambles dates on the schedule, and completing the season in time to allow us to prepare for the July 30th awards banquet.

Apollo Motorcycle Club has requested that FTR change from May 15 to March 13 the replacement date for the postponed Sunday portion of their hare scrambles. The new date is back-to-back with the March 19-20 NCTR hare scrambles, but NCTR has advised FTR that they do not object to scheduling the Apollo event on the preceding weekend. The requested date provides over thirty days’ notice of the schedule change and opens up a May date as a possible replacement date for another postponed event.

By unanimous electronic vote (via email), the Executive Committee approved Sunday, March 13, 2016 as the replacement date for the postponed Sunday portion of the Apollo hare scrambles.

Jack Terrell, FTR Secretary