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Mar 24, 2016

Hare Scramble Meeting Minutes 3/19/2016

Minutes of the HS Committee meeting of 3/19/2016.

Called to order 7:05 PM

Roll call

Chairman Randy Rash
Referee Dan Aitken
Score keeper Brandon St John
Specialty A/B Danny Kittell
Quads Peter Rose
BSTR Bill Torki
CFTR Bill Jenkins
DDR Randy Griffin
NCTB Paul Ladouceur
OSDR Ron Thomas
RCDR Brad Stanton
SADRA Randy Faul
SEFTR Frank Camble
TCTR Ken Harris
PBTTR Jim Agait
Sunrunners Jack Terrell

Old Business

A motion for a vote for the second time to accept version B of the double green rule
Motion Mike Bell
Second Bill Torki

Version B (Variable penalty):
... Any section of the trail marked by a pair of double over-and under GREEN arrows on both sides of the trail indicates the competitors must ride between the two sets of arrows and cannot ride outside either pair of arrows. Any time a rider leaves the trail as defined above, (either by “line picking:’ overshooting turns, failing to pass between GREEN arrows, emergency, etc.) that rider must return to the trail and re-enter at the point they left – failure to do so is a rule violation.  Any such violation reported to the FTR Referee, Associate Referee, or Scorekeeper prior to the end of the protest period in writing on official DQ/penalty form available at FTR trailer, shall result in the rider being docked by one finishing position or more, up to Disqualification from the event, in accordance  with Article XIV of the FTR Constitution. A violation of this section does not automatically constitute blatant “course cutting”, as discussed in Chapter VIII, section B-1a.
Markers must be visible one to the next

13 for
2 against
Motion passes

New Business

Calvin Smith petitioned the committee to overturn his disqualification at the Sunrunners Bartow event for a double green infraction.
After discussion a motion was made for a vote
Motion Bill Torki
 Second Peter Rose
1 for
13 against
Motion fails

Logan Stewart and Mathew Batchie petitioned the committee to overturn there disqualification at the OSDR event for excess speed in a safety area.
After discussion a motion was made to vote.
Motion Mike Bell
Second Pete Rose
15 for
0 against
Motion passes

Sanction forms and payment were accepted from the following clubs

TTR was absent

A tentative schedule
Was presented and discussed
8/27/2016 BSTR enduro
9/10/16 SADRA H/S
9/24-25/2016 CFTR H/S
10/2/2016 Suncoast enduro
10/8-9/2016 DDR H/S
10/22-23/2016 ACMC H/S
11/5-6/2016 Sunrunners H/S
11/19-20 Open date
12/3-4/2016 OSDR H/S
1/7-8/2017 Suncoast HS
1/22/2017 RCDR endure
1/28-29/2017 PBTTR H/S
2/11-12/2017 SEFTR H/S
2/25-26 CFTR enduro
3/4-5/2017 BSTR H/S
3/25-26/2017 NCTB H/S
4/8-9/2017 RCDR H/S
4/22-23/2017 Apollo H/S

After discussion a motion was made to accept the sanction request and the tentative dates.
Motion Jack Terrell
Second Pete Rose
15 for
0 against

A motion was made to ask RCDR to move their enduro to either 1/15/2017 or 1/29/2017 this would help to add one more H/S date in the Jan Feb time frame as we presently have four clubs that request this time frame and only 3 dates.
Motion Jack Terrell
Second Pete Rose
15 for
0 against

The Chair asked for nominations for H/S chairman for the 2016/2017 season.
One nomination for Randy Rash
Motion Ron Thomas
Second Randy Faul
13 for
1 against
Motion passes

Motion to adjourn 8:35PM
Pete Rose
Second Randy Faul