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Executive Committee Minutes

July 25, 2010

A meeting of the Florida Trail Riders Executive Committee was called to order at 7:00 p.m. on July 25, 2010 via teleconference.

Roll call was as follows:

President Allen Pearce
Vice President Jack Terrell
Secretary Tiffany St. John
Treasurer Jonny Simpkins
Joe Steidl  
Carol Preston  
George Tolson  

I. Old Business

A lengthy discussion was held about the Hare Scramble Chairman position and the two candidates for the position. Allen made a motion that the current Executive Committee will delay from any vote for this position until after the General Membership meeting on August 7, 2010. The motion was seconded. The motion passed 3 For - 1 Against.

Allen made a motion that we appoint George Tolson as the Enduro Chairman for the interim. George is hoping to find a replacement by the banquet. The motion was seconded. The motion passed 3 For - 1 Abstained.

Jack made a motion that we appoint Carol Preston as the Motocross Chairman for the interim. The motion was seconded. The motion passed 4 For - 1 Against.

Allen has been in touch with the insurance company to secure the insurance for the upcoming season. Jonny has been pursuing the collection of the premiums from the clubs. The bill for the insurance will be due soon in the amount of approximately $25,000 for the year.

Carol updated everyone with the latest ticket count. We still need to sell more tickets to ensure that no penalty is incurred. Allen suggested that we speak to the hotel to see if we can negotiate anything to help reduce the any penalty that we may receive. Several ideas were discussed to help generate additional ticket sales and hotel bookings. Carol will follow up with the hotel. Carol suggested that in the future, the banquet date be moved up further in the summer to put it closer to the end of the season.

A brief discussion was held about the hiring of the Business Manager, Magazine Editor and Scorekeeper. Jack is in contact with the candidate for the Magazine Editor position. A contract needs to be negotiated with her. The scorekeeper position proposal can be looked at after the banquet since the first race isn’t until September. Allen is preparing a test for the Business Manager candidate to take to show proficiency in Quickbooks.

II. New Business

Allen has received a verbal proposal from Scott Dawson to produce FTR products. He is proposing Polos, Trendy T-Shirts, License Plates, Jackets, Mugs and several other items. He would produce, stock and ship the items from his on-line store. FTR would receive a percentage of the profits. Allen will contact Scott to get something drawn up in writing.

Jonny reported that the Hilton made 2 withdrawals totaling $7,500 through the debit card on file with the hotel. No one from FTR authorized the transaction. Jonny will contact the Hilton to verify what this transaction is for and why we were not aware of it.

Jack reminded Allen and Carol about preparing and posting the event flyers for the BSTR Enduro and first Motocross.

Jonny informed us that he received a notice from the IRS that our tax filing extension was denied. Jonny contacted our tax lady 3 or 4 times prior to the due date and everything was fine until the last call when she informed him that she would be filing an extension. Jonny will follow up on this latest development.

Jack suggested that the Executive Committee take a more active role in helping to filling vacancies for the rider reps on the committees.

Jack Terrell made a motion to adjourn at 10:00 P.M. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Tiffany St. John
FTR Secretary


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