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The guide requires Adobe Acrobat to open and read. Don't have Acrobat on your computer? You can download a free copy here.


FTR Member’s Guide

The FTR member's guide is now available. The Acknowledgement's page did not make it to printed version. The following people worked on this Guide. Their efforts are appreciated:

Jim Wilder
This Guide was Jim's idea. He wrote most of it, after begging
many people for help.
John Schnelbach
John helped with the "Rich History" of the Enduro chapter, because he is rich and so old that he is part of history.
Lane Sheppard
Two time instructor at the CFTR sponsored Enduro School's, Lane was a natural choice to work on the Enduro Chapter.
Dan Salvador
Almost single handedly wrote the Motocross Chapter. Dan has written several article's for the FTR Magazine and refers to our Motocross
series as the "Fun To Ride" series.
Steve Augustine
An Orthopedic surgeon that not only makes money off of broken bones, he has had some himself, from riding dirt bikes! Not at all like the Emergency Room doc that gave me a lecture the first time I broke my ribs!
Dan George
Who can't help but edit and massage anything that comes across his desk. Dan filled in a few gaps here and there and is very grateful to Jim Wilder for having the idea for this guide and actually following through and writing it.
Steve Van Meter
Added his touch with the great pictures and formatting.

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