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FTR Pit Riding Rules Enforcement

For 2023-2024 Season

The Board of Directors of FTR has decided that Pit Riding has become out of control, despite repeated warnings. The existing rules are being ignored.

Starting IMMEDIATELY, all Pit Riding rules will be strictly enforced. Penalties will be issued, and no warnings will be given.

Please see this link for the complete Pit Riding Rules, per FTR rulebook.

Some Key Points to remember:

  • Unlicensed persons (includes anyone under 16) may NOT operate ANY motor vehicle at the event – EXCEPT their own race bike traveling to and from their competition event (including practice), AND they MUST be accompanied by a licensed person.

  • Use of “one-wheels” and other motorized scooters and pit bikes by unlicensed persons, or anyone under 16, is NOT allowed. The only motorized vehicles which can be operated by someone under 16 are electric bikes WITH PEDAL-ASSIST.

  • Speed limit for ALL vehicles (includes golf carts, competition bikes, and bicycles) is “FIRSTGEAR WALKING SPEED”.

  • ALL vehicles (including bicycles) MUST have a Headlight after dark.

  • PENALTIES may include required Disqualification which cannot be dropped for season points.

  • See this link for COMPLETE Pit-Riding Rules.

We ask ALL FTR Members to please help enforce these rules. If you see somebody in violation, please tell them to cease, or report them immediately to an FTR official.